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One on one counseling session

NWTC辅导员期待为您提供一个安全和非评判的空间来讨论影响您心理健康和福祉的问题和担忧. 你的咨询师可以帮助你处理你的想法和感受, understand any challenges or concerns, brainstorm ideas and evaluate options. 目前在北西中心注册的学生有资格免费获得咨询服务. 咨询是保密的,未经您的同意,您的个人贝博ballbet不会被分享.

What do people come to counseling for?

我们的学生因抑郁等原因接受咨询, anxiety, relationship concerns, trauma, stress, addictions, life adjustments, and grief.

Same-day counseling at NWTC

At NWTC, your well-being is our priority: 

  • Free counseling for all NWTC students
  • 灵活的当日预约,实时满足您的需求
  • 在标准营业时间内,可提供面对面或虚拟会议
  • 在你的NWTC旅程中,这是一个与辅导员保持关系的好方法

Counseling with BetterMynd

Virtual counseling for your convenience:

  • Free for the first four sessions each semester 
  • 在正常工作时间,晚上和周末灵活安排 
  • 完全虚拟,使访问更容易,更无缝
  • 受益于一个多样化的网络经验丰富的顾问,每个人都有自己独特的专长 
Learn more about BetterMynd

Meet the counselors

Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson
Licensed Professional Counselor

我自1994年结婚以来,我的妻子经常说我是一个二元性的人, like two sides of the same coin. 例如,我是一个狂热的游戏玩家,我喜欢科技,尤其是电子游戏. At the same time, I grow weary of screens, 我通过与好朋友和好家人在一起来充电. 我的双重性格的另一个例子是,我倾向于对美术感到厌倦, 但我绝对喜欢用很多天赋和艺术手法做饭.

我喜欢做一名辅导员,我工作中最好的部分是能够与学生建立联系, helping them feel comfortable with counseling. My favorite counseling issues are relationships, anxiety, supporting those with a spectrum disorder, past trauma, anger management, parenting, veterans, and faith supportive therapy. 我有四个孩子,所以我也理解在实现自己目标的同时做父母的压力.

Judith Roemer
Judith Roemer
Licensed Professional Counselor

Simple things, like hiking, biking, being in my garden, 或者任何我能在外面做的事都能给我带来最大的快乐. 即使在最寒冷的季节,也有美丽的地方. I also love traveling with my husband and daughter, cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends, 专注于保持我和我的家人健康的生活方式. 营养和心理健康的交叉是我特别感兴趣的, and the subject of many books on my nightstand.

I love being a counselor. 我很荣幸能听到人们的故事——即使是那些令人难以置信的悲伤的故事——并帮助他们发现面对逆境时自己的韧性和力量. 被允许进入某人的内心世界,与他们一起参与治疗过程,这是一种荣幸. 我和经历过创伤的人合作得很好, loss, and violence; those who struggle with mood issues or learning disabilities; individuals impacted by domestic violence; people struggling with anxiety; and individuals experiencing changes in their lives. Some days I have a partner in the office. Her name is Chica, and she is a 12-year-old, 混合品种的狗,喜欢零食和额外的关注,伴随着去办公室. 如果你在走廊看到我们,请停下来跟我们打个招呼! 她是一个好公民,这意味着她欢迎你好, pets, and any food you may be willing to part with.

Kelly Kovnesky
Kelly Kovnesky
Licensed Professional Counselor

Life is often like the sea. 你不能完全控制海浪,只有你如何应对它们. 学会驾驭生活的波涛,感受别人的关心, understood, 作为一名咨询师,我对个人价值的追求充满热情. 我很荣幸能够帮助人们解决他们的心理健康需求. 我和那些正在应对焦虑的人合作得很好, depression, trauma, grief, relationship concerns, life transitions, parenting challenges, and more.

我丈夫和我喜欢和我们的两个儿子在一起, 特别是在户外大自然或花时间在水上. 我们有两只狗,它们构成了我们的家庭,我们喜欢让它们参与我们所有的活动.

Bliss Baudhuin
Bliss Baudhuin
Part-Time LPC

我和我丈夫2004年结婚,有3个男孩. I love to travel both near and far with my family. I am a woman of faith and involved with my church. 我相信痛苦是有意义的,但它并不总能表现出来. 我和那些焦虑的人相处得很好, depression, parenting frustrations, educational challenges, self-esteem, relational problems, grief, and life changes. 我的希望是,我来咨询的人会知道他们是受到尊重、重视和倾听的.

Being a counselor has always been a privilege to me. I love people and their stories. I know that everyone is different and unique, 我可以和人们一起走过他们各自的旅程. 我喜欢和他们一起庆祝成功,也喜欢和他们一起面对艰难、悲伤和未知. 我知道生活有时会让人感到难以承受和孤独. 我的愿望是给那些难以自己看到的人带来希望, to offer skills and tools to deal with real life, 在人们寻找人生意义的过程中与他们同行.

Counseling through BetterMynd

NWTC has partnered with BetterMynd to give enrolled students free video-therapy sessions outside of normal business hours from a network of Licensed Professional Counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties 

Schedule an online session now

What is BetterMynd?

BetterMynd是一个在线远程治疗平台,大学生可以通过笔记本电脑或智能手机方便地与咨询师联系. Enrolled NWTC students have access to schedule four free 每学期通过BetterMynd平台进行50分钟的在线视频治疗.  

BetterMynd平台为用户提供来自不同背景和专业的持牌专业咨询师网络. 他们还提供小组研讨会和自助课程.  

How do I get started with BetterMynd?

Login or sign-up for BetterMynd using your NWTC username and password. 

What if I need immediate counseling support?

NWTC的咨询服务提供上门预约,以解决紧急需求. If you are in a crisis, call 9-8-8 or 9-1-1.    

Office Hours

Green Bay Campus | Student Center |
Room SC231

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Summer hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Contact Info 

Call/Text: 920-498-5507