How to Register for Classes

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Important Registration Dates

夏天 & 2024年秋季:

  • Continuing Students: 夏天/Fall 2024 registration will open on 4月2日, 2024 (Veterans Priority is 4月1日, 2024). 
  • New Students: 夏天/Fall  2024 registration starts 4月1日7, 2024
  • Certificate Students and Nursing Assistant:  夏天/Fall 2024 registration starts 4月2日, 2024
  • Individual Courses:  夏天/Fall  2024 registration starts 4月2日5, 2024 (Veterans Priority is 4月2日4, 2024)

看到 NWTC Academic Calendar for more important dates.

Classes That Fit Your Lifestyle

NWTC programs and classes are offered in a variety of times & formats to make learning convenient for you.

Register for Classes

Continuing Students

Are you continuing classes in a degree or diploma program? Need a refresher how to register?  Watch a short video.

  1. Enroll in classes through your My.NWTC.
  2. 看着你的 NWTC邮件 for a message from your academic advisor.
  3. For help or to schedule a virtual appointment with your academic advisor, 贝博ballbet.

New Students

Beginning your first semester in a degree or diploma program? 

Certificate Students

For help with registering, 贝博ballbet 或者看 this short video

  1. 登录 My.NWTC using your student ID and password.
  2. Select Enroll in Classes.
  3. Select My Program Courses to search and view your required courses.


How To Pay for Classes

Payment Options:

Payment/Refund Info:

  • Students are fully responsible for tuition and fees.
  • You will not be automatically dropped from classes for nonpayment or nonattendance.
  • You must drop your class through Registration or pay fees BY THE DUE DATE to avoid charges, 滞纳金, and collection activities.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, cash, or check.
  • 看到 Student Financial Services for more details. 

How to Take an Individual Course

If you’re taking an individual course (not as part of a degree, diploma, or certificate), search for classes here during the designated registration time listed at the top of the page.

How to Audit a Class

Auditing students attend classes to gain a general understanding of a subject and receive a grade of audit (AU). Auditors do not receive credit and are not required to take exams. Most NWTC courses may be audited. If you are over age 60, courses are offered at a reduced cost. 

Learn more and complete the Request to Audit form.


For help with registering or to register by phone or mail, please 贝博ballbet.